Individual Focusing Sessions

I will support you to feel more at ease and to make space for what is happening in your life. We begin by receiving ourselves however we are and taking time to find what we need to be more comfortable. That might mean adjusting your seat or even standing up or finding a more comfortable position on the floor. We begin to pay attention to the subtle signals of life information below our everyday mode of experience. This life information is intelligent and wise and knows more about our situations. It knows what is needed for our healing and growth. I will guide you and accompany you as you tune in to yourself and I will invite you to describe your experience and support you to stay with it so that it can begin to open more and find what it needs to move forward. It is possible to learn the basics of Focusing over a few sessions and then dive more deeply into your body’s knowing over further sessions.

Focusing often takes place seated but it is possible to stand up or lie down, and even to move!

It is equally common to learn Focusing face to face or online – both have their advantages, neither one is preferable over the other.

An individual Focusing sessions gives you the opportunity to have contact with Marie as well as a chance to find out how Focusing feels without the longer commitment of a whole workshop or course.

What happens in an individual Focusing session?

Focusing is a process of going inside to feel into our body's knowing of that problem or niggle that's bugging you or drawing your attention.

In Focusing the most important thing is what's happening in the body, and why is that? Because what's happening in the body is defining your reality, how our body is carrying us is defining the story that we tell about our lives.

So in Focusing session I accompany you to slowly and gently begin to notice what's happening in your body particularly in those places that feel stuck or that we don't understand. During the session as we keep company with this place with kindness and compassion and no judgement, it begins to open and release and change and you feel better. Sometimes you might cry or yawn or laugh or move your body. You feel better because you understand yourself better and even though the problem may still be there, the way you are with the problem has changed.

This process of change that occurs through a bodily felt-shift is really key to understanding Focusing.

"During the sessions I felt deeply heard, from a non judgmental approach. There were no expectations on what should come out. This was very liberating. I could just be me at my own pace. This sessions helped me to accept more myself and to feel more grounded in who I am.

Thanks Marie for your help and support!"


Try Focusing for yourself

"You feel better mainly because your body feels better, more free, released. The whole body is alive in a less constricted way. An immediate freeing feeling lets you know there has been a body shift. It is the body having moved towards a solution." Eugene Gendlin

What Eugene Gendlin found in his development of Focusing was that if we could give ourselves kindness and compassion with places in the body that are uncomfortable to be with, that the body has a natural way of healing, it knows the right next step forward.

We talk about working with how the body is feeling to help the client begin to recognize the sensations in their body that are related to the feeling states that are troubling to them.

$ 100

Individual Focusing Session 60mins

Online or in person

You will be guided in a gentle way through a Focusing practice to meet anything in your life that you need support with.

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