Individual Focusing Sessions

I will support you to feel more at ease and to make space for what is happening in your life. We begin by receiving ourselves however we are and taking time to find what we need to be more comfortable. That might mean adjusting your seat or even standing up or finding a more comfortable position on the floor. We begin to pay attention to the subtle signals of life information below our everyday mode of experience. This life information is intelligent and wise and knows more about our situations. It knows what is needed for our healing and growth. I will guide you and accompany you as you tune in to yourself and I will invite you to describe your experience and support you to stay with it so that it can begin to open more and find what it needs to move forward. It is possible to learn the basics of Focusing over a few sessions and then dive more deeply into your body’s knowing over further sessions.

Focusing often takes place seated but it is possible to stand up or lie down, and even to move!

It is equally common to learn Focusing face to face or online – both have their advantages, neither one is preferable over the other.

An individual Focusing sessions gives you the opportunity to have contact with Marie as well as a chance to find out how Focusing feels without the longer commitment of a whole workshop or course.

What happens in an individual Focusing session?

What is Focusing

Focusing is a transformative process that stems from the philosophy of Eugene Gendlin. Gendlin believed that everything in life is constantly evolving and in motion, including ourselves. This understanding forms the foundation of focusing, which serves as a means of healing and personal growth. Focusing is a skill that anyone can acquire, allowing them to change their relationship with their inner experiences. By engaging in focusing, individuals learn to be present with themselves in a new and profound way. They come to realize that their experiences, no matter how challenging, do not define them. Rather, these experiences are merely sensations and emotions that can be acknowledged and embraced. Through focusing, individuals gain access to a deep sense of self-love and trust, cultivating a quiet confidence that permeates their lives.

Are you looking for change?

If you are drawn to Focusing you are possibly feeling stuck or blocked in one or more areas of your life. There is something about you, or your circum­stances, or your feelings and reactions to things, that you would like to change. That is very natural. The Focusing method assumes that change and flow is the natural course of things and when something seems not to change, what it needs is attention and awareness, with an attitude of allowing it to be as it is, yet open to its next steps. The philosophy behind Focusing is that the inner world is never static. When you bring awareness to it, it unfolds, moves, becomes its next step. Our everyday lives are deeply permeated with the Doing/Fixing assump­tion.

So the Being/Allowing philosophy, embodied in Focusing, is a radical philosophy. When people who are involved in Focusing talk about the “wisdom of the body,” this is what they mean: that the felt sense “knows” what it needs to become next, as surely as a baby knows it needs warmth and comfort and food. As surely as a radish seed knows it will grow into a radish. We never have to tell the felt sense what to become; we never have to make it change. We just need to provide the conditions which allow it to change, like a good gardener providing the right environment of space, light water and soil.

Adapted from Ann Wiser Cornell's article 'Three key aspects of Focusing'.

"During the sessions I felt deeply heard, from a non judgmental approach. There were no expectations on what should come out. This was very liberating. I could just be me at my own pace. This sessions helped me to accept more myself and to feel more grounded in who I am.

Thanks Marie for your help and support!"


Try Focusing for yourself

Individual Focusing Session 60mins

Online or in person

You will be guided in a gentle way through a Focusing practice to meet anything in your life that you need support with.

$ 100

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