Focusing Training

Learning Focusing in a group can be a nourishing way of learning a very practical self care process whilst forming connections with other like minded people. You will be part of a small group of people sharing the experience of learning Focusing and Listening skills. As a group we welcome each of us to be there in our humanness and invite the resources and supports of each others presence and our whole-body alive selves to hold us as we learn to settle and explore our direct experience. We will develop sensitivity to listening to, and even communicate with, the vast wisdom held in the body. Groups take place online.

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What happens in a Focusing Training

"Marie is a wonderful teacher who held the group with great safety. There was room for deep learning, humour and connection. The practice of Focusing, which she taught step by step, is a wonderful tool in understanding sensations expressing in my body and also a wonderful way of listening spaciously to another. Marie creates a safe, gentle, meditative space."

R. StL


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